Margie Lundie Piano Studio empowers students to express themselves musically through private lessons, recitals, auditions, evaluations and elder home presentations.  Private lessons include the teaching of repertoire, rhythm, sight reading, memorization, playing by ear, theory, and technique.

Students are encouraged to practice for a specified amount of time each day to ensure steady progress.  Music for students is individualized to maximize student interest. Socratic method questioning is employed so that students may arrive at answers through their own reasoning. The study of historic styles of piano music is explore so that proper expression may be employed.

The goal of Margie Lundie Piano Studio is to help students to acquire a skill that benefits them all their lives and gives them great joy in their souls.  Student are encouraged to improvise and become independent from printed music while at the same time become proficient sight readers of music so that they can work in groups of musicians. Improvisation and sight reading are balanced with memorization skills. All three are need for expressiveness and artistic performance.

Mrs. Lundie is a member of Music Teachers Associations of California, which allows her students to participate in Certificate of Merit. She is a member of American College of Musicians which allows her students to participate in Guild Auditions. She has been teaching 23 years.