Margie has loved and been interested in music since her early years.  She was raised in a musical family: A mother who sang and played and taught piano and a father who sang and played saxophone. Margie started piano lesson with her mother at 5 years old.  By junior high she was playing for Sunday school classes and by high school she was playing for church.  Also, in high school she was the church organist.

In college she sang under the direction of the talented Dr. Joseph Huzsti, with the Bakersfield College Choir, going with them on a six-week tour of Europe.  While there, the choir won first place in the world renown international competition called The Eisteddfod in Wales.  As a result of that stunning achievement, they were invited to sing for Pope Paul VI at Castle Gandolfo, and for President Johnson of the United states in the White House Rose Garden

In her last two years of college, Margie sang in the Valley State College Choir, and with an ensemble group, The Certain Sounds from Van Nuys Baptist Church under the direction of the exciting tenor John Gustafson. She went on a four-week tour of the Orient with the Certain Sounds, singing with the ensemble and in the Women’s Trio. 
Margie earned her BA with a minor in Music. Later she earned a Credential in Elementary Teaching for grades K through 8. Through the years she continues to play for Sunday School and church, voice lessons and individual voice students. She began teaching piano in 1993. It is a joy for her to combine two great loves: teaching children and music. Her goal in teaching is to help children develop skills they will enjoy the rest of their lives, by learning to play an instrument, learning to perform and express ideas and emotions through the music, and developing creativity through improvising their own music.